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Employee Spotlight

Ashley Treich, PTA

Growing up in North Plainfield, Ashley Treich was always an athlete, playing field hockey, softball, and basketball throughout high school and continuing on to play field hockey at Ramapo College in Mahwah. Though she ultimately graduated with a degree in Business Management in 2009, “I remained interested in sports and the wellness world,” shared the 31-year-old Treich, a resident of Whitehouse Station.

In 2010, she joined Excellent Physical Therapy as a Physical Therapy Aid to see if she liked the field. “I did!” said Treich, who’s been with the practice for over eight years and went on to secure her degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) in 2013. “I enjoy having an array of different patients of all ages and dealing with a range of conditions, from post-operative, chronic, or acute situations and more,” she explained. “It’s exciting to interact with all different kinds of people and form relationships with them. It’s also refreshing to be part of such a wonderful team and office-based ‘family’ that works together so closely.”

Bringing strengths in multi-tasking and a background in athletics to her job, she said that her most recent role -- as mom to 15-month-old daughter Harper – has brought unexpected new perspective to her in a professional sense. “I now understand young moms with their back and neck issues!” laughed Treich, who loves to stay active and enjoys working out in her free time.

“Overall, I feel so lucky to have such great mentors and colleagues at Excellent Physical Therapy who provide such exceptional one-on-one manual care,” Treich confirmed. “I love working with our team and knowing that I’m helping people.”

Owner Spotlight

Lou DiGiovine, PT
Excellent Physical Therapy- Founder

A former high school baseball and football player, Maplewood native Lou DiGiovine PT completed the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey’s specialized program offered jointly with Kean College and became one of the Garden State’s first 18 students to graduate with a Physical Therapy (PT) degree in 1980. He started his professional career at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, where he gained a reputation for successfully treating complex spine, back, neck, and other conditions that often confounded other practitioners.  After owning and operating a private practice in Jersey City with two other colleagues for over a decade, DiGiovine went into business as a solo practitioner in August 1996 with his launch of Excellent Physical Therapy in Bedminster.

With EPT, DiGiovine has created a specialized facility which is well-equipped, staffed by seasoned experts, and supported by internal operating systems that reinforce consistent and excellent patient-focused care and the highest standard of care and ethics possible.

“Our name, Excellent Physical Therapy, is what we do, who we are, our Mission Statement, and our Standard of Care all wrapped up in one name for everyone to read and see every day," DiGiovine explained. “Excellent Physical Therapy represents the culmination of many years of education, training, and a clear vision dedicated to uncompromising true patient care.”

Now in his 38th year as a physical therapist and supported by a staff of two dozen specialists at two different locations in Bedminster, “we pride ourselves on the level of personalized ‘one-to-one,’ ‘hands-on’ patient care we provide on a daily basis,” DiGiovine said. “We always consider each patient's “special needs and concerns” when implementing their individual plan of treatment. Unlike many ‘managed care’ healthcare providers today who are driven primarily by patient volume and speed, EPT still allows for a full hour for each Initial Evaluation, offers private treatment rooms to enhance patient comfort, and ensures adequate staffing in order to deliver the highest level of personalized care available. We provide everything from pediatric therapy for kids and sports rehab for student athletes to gait and balance programs for seniors to help enhance their stability and strength, prevent falls, and maintain their independence,” DiGiovine said. “We also provide a full range of services for the broad adult population, addressing everything from simple sprains and strains to post-surgical rehab for shoulders, knees, and hips as well as spine, back, and neck issues and even jaw-related concerns like TMJ.”

A devoted fan of continuing education throughout his career, DiGiovine has developed specialties in the treatment of spinal conditions involving the back, neck, shoulders, and jaw as well as such areas as spine surgery rehab, upper quarter dysfunction, TMJ, hip dysfunction, sports rehab in general, and baseball pitcher's injuries and rehab in specific. Always up for the challenge of more complicated patient cases where he can use his vast experience, knowledge, and skills to make a difference, DiGiovine has found the field of PT endlessly rewarding for nearly four decades. “To be able to deliver quick, effective treatment that can drive an immediate change in a person’s life and make them feel better, both physically and emotionally, is incredibly gratifying,” he said.

Joe Yobbi, PTA

Celebrating his 10th anniversary with Excellent Physical Therapy this year, Joe graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2013 with a B.A. in Behavioral Neuroscience, went on to secure his license as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Essex County College, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in the field. While the 26-year-old started his career as a PT Aide assisting physical therapists and helping patients rehab in the gym, his unique ability to champion and rehab elite young athletes soon shone through based on his own athletic prowess during his school years.

A native of Branchburg, “I grew up playing basketball, football, lacrosse, and baseball, helped build our lacrosse program at Somerville High School, and played Division III lacrosse in college, where our team was ultimately ranked among the top 25 in the country,” shared Joe. Having experienced his share of both athletic successes and injuries, “I love physical therapy in general,” he said. “I also enjoy researching the field and bringing new approaches to patients to help rehabilitate them back to where they were – or better.”

Typically treating 6-10 student athletes at any given time, Joe brings passion and hard-won experience to the table. “I love working with kids and athletes and they relate to me – we have fun while rehabbing,” he said. He also enjoys working with his colleagues at EPT. “During several internships, I worked at other physical therapy practices and can confirm that EPT is very unique in its approach,” he said. “We take pride in the one-on-one attention we provide and work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere; all EPT colleagues are friends and our patients see and feel that, which makes them comfortable being here.”

For Joe, his job remains a labor of love. “No day or injury is the same and I like the challenge of helping to develop and execute a unique care plan for each patient we treat,” he said. “It’s extremely rewarding to see them get better.”

Kelly Papa, PTA

Celebrating her 18th anniversary with Excellent Physical Therapy this May, Kelly is a Physical Therapy Assistant and one of the original members of the EPT team.  A 1990 graduate of Hamilton College who found herself drawn to physical therapy, Kelly earned her PTA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1997.  “I started out volunteering in PT during college and loved the field,” shared Papa, a Long Valley resident who began her career working at a practice in Caldwell before joining the EPT team in 2000.

“In 2006, I had a patient with Parkinson’s disease and took several classes on gait and balance in order to be able to serve him better,” recalled Papa.  After other patients began needing and benefitting from the same service, she helped launch EPT’s unique Gait & Balance Program and has served as Clinical Supervisor of the program ever since.  “I took even more classes in the specialty and the program grew from there,” she said of the hundreds of patients who have successfully come through the program in the past 12 years.  “The more sedentary we are, the more our strength and balance decline, so the program is about keeping people moving in a safe and healthy way while having fun.”

Though Papa had been captain of her swim team in college and originally planned to specialize in treating fellow athletes, “my Parkinson’s patient was so interesting and helped me connect to a broader range of patients and especially seniors, a group I enjoy working with because I feel like I learn so much from them,” she said.  “Today, my wonderful patients and great colleagues are the things I love most about my job!”

Frank LaMorte, DPT

Celebrating his 20th anniversary with Excellent Physical Therapy this summer, Frank is a Clinical Supervisor and a proud original member of the EPT team.  A graduate of the University of Delaware with a BS in Physical Education Studies in 1998 and a subsequent Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in 2003, Frank specializes in spine disorders, shoulder injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation.  “I love treating the spine and shoulders and dealing with a broad range of clients who represent different ages, backgrounds, issues, and goals – from the high intensity of our younger athletes to the motivation and drive of our older patients,” he said.

Among Frank’s favorite aspects of working at EPT is the family atmosphere among staff members.  “The length of time our staff has been together shows in our level of teamwork and quality of care,” he said.  He also loves the practice’s uniquely personalized approach.  “We specialize in hands-on, manual therapy at EPT and I love getting to spend that one-on-one time with our patients – it’s the only way I know how to practice,” he said.  “To see someone come to us in pain and be able to positively impact them and restore their quality of life is so rewarding.”

Cheryl Arnold, MSPT

A dedicated member of the Excellent Physical Therapy team since the practice first opened 20 years ago, Cheryl, who earned her Masters of Science of Physical Therapy from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in 2001, specializes in “any issues associated with the bones or muscles,” conditions of the neck and back, and women’s health and has a unique understanding of the field of rehabilitation -- one borne from hard experience.  A lifelong athlete who played Division 2 soccer in college, “I rehabbed myself from a shoulder surgery as well as foot and ankle injuries over the years, so I fully understand the nature of injuries as well as the recovery process,” she said.  “Orthopedics and physical therapy are very close to my heart and have been my drive for over two decades.”

When not putting in long hours working with a loyal legion of both ongoing and new clients at EPT, the Clinton resident and avid equestrian owns three horses, plays both outdoor and indoor polo every week, and currently serves as Vice President of the Tinnicum Park Polo organization.  “Horses have been my passion since I was two years old and my parents gave me riding lessons for my 10th birthday hoping I would get it out of my system,” she laughed of the move, which only cemented her love for the sport.

When it comes to her patients, Cheryl said that the sweet rewards of “success” keep her endlessly energized and inspired.  “It’s exciting to go to a continuing education class in the field and come back with new pearls of wisdom or a new approach to treating clients,” she said of the constantly evolving practice of physical therapy.  “I love when we achieve our ultimate goal and are able to restore a patient back to normalcy and return them to living their best life,” she said.

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