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Excellent Physical Therapy Difference

Each Patient is an individual

We believe that each patient that arrives at Excellent Physical Therapy
has their own set of “needs and concerns”. Therefore, we treat each
patient as an individual and direct their physical therapy plan specific
to their unique situation.

The “one to one” Difference

At Excellent Physical Therapy we have arranged our schedule to allow for plenty of “one to one” time for the patient and their Physical Therapist. Most of the treatment is provided in a private treatment room that allows the Physical Therapist and the patient to build a rapport and develop common goals for the patient. The Physical Therapist develops an understanding of the patients “needs and concerns” and applies a unique “one to one” treatment plan.

Facility Design

Excellent Physical Therapy is located in the historic district of Bedminster Village in Somerset County, NJ. Our building has a quant historic colonial design that matches the surrounding neighborhood. We have our own convenient parking lot and an easy access handicap ramp. The interior layout of the facility was customized to provide “state of the art” rehabilitation services. The décor has been carefully designed to create a pleasing and homey environment, which makes attendance to physical therapy over a long period of time easier and more enjoyable. The office is painted with soft and warm colors to provide a comfortable and uplifting environment.

Emotional Support

Perhaps the greatest asset we have at Excellent Physical Therapy is our professional staff. Each staff member has been carefully selected for their education, experience, and Physical Therapy skills training. However, each staff member is also required to have a positive, calming and uplifting personality. We believe that providing emotional support for our patients is crucial to the process of rehabilitation and returning your life back to normal. Our entire staff provides a gentle caring approach that steadily and progressively encourages the patient to push themselves through their rehab program. Their goals are achieved by building self confidence and knowing that they can improve and regain their active lifestyle.

*please see the link to our “Patient Responses” page.

Our Unique 5 Step Program

Our Unique 5 Step Program is provided to each and every patient that comes to Excellent Physical Therapy. This 5 Step Program ensures that there is a standard of excellence that is provided to each patient with “their own set of needs and concerns”.

Our Unique 5 Step Program includes:

1. A Comprehensive Initial Evaluation and Report
2. Instruction in an Individualized Home Exercise Program
3. Treatment for decreasing Pain and Inflammation
4. “Hands On” Manual Therapy
5. Lifestyle Management Counseling

Manual Therapy

At the center of our treatment philosophy we believe that “Hands On" manual therapy is paramount to a proper physical therapy treatment plan. All of our Physical Therapists have extensive manual therapy training by world renowned therapists and practitioners. Our schedule is set up to allow adequate “one to one” time in a private treatment room that allows the physical therapist to provide the necessary manual therapy treatments. Each therapist has advanced training and uses massage, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, spinal mobilization, myofascial release, strain-counter strain release, contract-relax stretching, trigger point acupressure, spray and stretch, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Mulligan techniques and McKenzie techniques on a daily basis with their patients. Manual Therapy is beneficial because it releases tight and stiff muscles and joints, softens dense fibrotic tissue, prevents scar tissue, decreases swelling, decreases pain and inflammation, elongates shortened muscles, and mobilizes musculoskeletal fascia tissue. Manual Therapy provided by a skilled and experienced therapist takes the Science of Physical Therapy and transforms it into The Art of Physical Therapy. This beneficial healing art can best be experienced by receiving treatment from a physical therapist with “good hands” and having the “knack”.

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