We Specialize in athletic training, treatment, prevention,and management of acute and chronic sports related injuries and ailments.

Assisting athletes of any age or sport needing professional help in managing their sports related injuries, enhancing their performance, and allowing them to compete in the following sports:

- Baseball
- Soccer
- Field Hockey
- Swimming
- Gymnastics
- Martial Arts
- Fencing
- Youth Sports
- Little League
- Travel Teams
- Football
- Hockey
- Wrestling
- Volleyball
- Fitness Training
- Cheerleading
- High School Sports
- Pop Warner
- Camps
- Basketball
- Lacrosse
- Track
- Golf
- Dance
- Cycling
- Softball
- College Sports
- Recreation
- Tournaments


An injury assessment will be carried out by a licensed physical therapist or athletic trainer and an Athlete’s Training Room Plan will be established to reduce inflammation, promote healing, release muscle tightness, stretch and strengthen the area involved.

• Immediate injury management, including;
• Physical Therapy Assessment
• Ice, Heat, Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation
• Manual Therapy and Sports Massage
• Athletic Taping
• Functional Exercise for Self Treatment
• Education and Prevention 

ALL Services Provided by Excellent Physical Therapy at The SPORTS  REHAB and BALANCE CENTER  in Bedminster, NJ 07921. *If the Physical Therapist has concerns about the diagnosis or the severity of the injury, an immediate referral will be made to the appropriate medical provider for further examination and care.

Athletic Training Services

At Excellent Physical Therapy we also offer Athletic training services to help serve your teams.  We can provide:

  • On-site services at practices, games and events
  • Communication with coaches, physicians, parents and athletes
  • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
  • Immediate and emergency care
  • Treatment, rehabilitation and education
  • Organizational and professional health and well-being
  • Conditioning program development
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Nutrition programs
  • On-call accessibility
  • Comprehensive concussion management

Please call 908-234-2488 for more information.

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