Back & Neck Care Philosophy

Excellent Physical Therapy Back and Neck Care is the culmination of three decades of experience, training and education applied to the practical delivery of conservative treatment of back and neck pain. At its conception, Excellent Physical Therapy Back and Neck Care was specifically developed and designed to be a sub-specialty practice dedicated to the treatment of injuries, ailments and conditions of the spine. The founder Louis F. DiGiovine PT has over 30 years experience and specialized training in all aspects of spine care including; orthopedic physical therapy, postural imbalances, pain control methods, manual therapy, cervical and lumbar stabilization, McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, ergonomics, back school and prevention, worksite analysis, work hardening, functional capacity evaluation, therapeutic exercise, and lifestyle management. As part of his training, Lou also spent 6 hours a week for 8 years performing patient rounds with two orthopedic spine surgeons. He is an active affiliate of The North American Spine Society and the New Jersey Spine Institute. He has put careful thought into all facility design, equipment, treatment protocols, documentation policies, treatment philosophies, scheduling and staffing to provide the best "one to one" care available for all types of patients with pre-, post and non-surgical back and neck disorders. Our entire staff is trained and educated to provide the highest standard of care to each of our patients suffering from spinal ailments. What are your needs?

All back and neck patients are different and each patient presents to our clinic with their own unique set of needs and concerns. For example, some patients might present to our clinic with their first onset of acute pain, spasm and debilitation requiring immediate treatment to reduce inflammation, pain, muscle spasm, instruction in a home exercise program and proper spinal positioning. While some patients might present to our clinic with a long standing history of back problems and a subsequent recent surgical procedure that requires a rehab program with very specific post- surgical treatment protocols. Yet others might present to our clinic in need of pain management, core stabilization, ergonomic and functional training to help them develop a lifelong strategy for management of their chronic spine condition.

At Excellent Physical Therapy Back and Neck Care we believe that most spine pain and ailments are actually very complex and multidimensional in their causes and effects for each patient. It has been our experience that nothing short of a full comprehensive treatment plan is effective in overcoming back and neck pain. When the problem is simple, the treatment is straight forward; however, when the problem is complex then our treatment plan must be just as complex. This is where we differ from other practitioners; we have the experience and dedication to get the desired results for our patient. Treatment regimens must also be multidimensional and complex addressing all aspects of the patient's condition including pain, inflammation, spasm, restricted mobility, weakness, muscular imbalances, decreased flexibility, improper movement patterns, improper body mechanics, poor posture, and of course the emotional despair of dealing with pain and debilitation. We provide all aspects of care to each patient with our unique 5 Step Program (see link to "Our Philosophy" page) specifically developed with the spine patient in mind. The first step to recovery is to consider a comprehensive evaluation by one of our spine physical therapists (see link to "Our Therapists" page) for your spinal condition and call our office directly for any additional information at 908-234-9668.

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