List of Sports Treatments

Treatment includes modalities for pain relief, inflammation reduction and muscle re-education; active and resistive exercise; balance and coordination; aerobic conditioning; agility and proprioceptive training and progression to sports specific activities.

1. Evaluation

Only through a complete evaluation of a patient can you begin to design an individual plan of treatment specific to that athlete. Our initial evaluation includes:

• Medical History Interview
• Pain Scale Rating
• Sports Activities Questionnaire
• Posture Screening
• Active Movement Testing
• Flexibility Screening
• Strength Testing
• Consultation and Discussion of Treatment Plan and Individual Goals 

2. Self Treatment Programs

Based upon the initial evaluation, a home exercise program is designed to promote healing including flexibility, strengthening and stabilization exercises. The athlete is guided through the exercises and provided with detailed written exercises to continue at home.

3. Pain Management

Acute Phase: If the athlete is suffering from immediate and acute pain or if the athlete had recent trauma, then a pain relief/ anti-inflammatory program will be implemented.

Sub-Acute Phase: When persistent muscle spasm and tightness is present the patient will receive “hands on” soft tissue techniques, including: Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Muscle Relaxation Techniques, Massage, Manual Traction and Joint Mobilization.

4. Therapeutic Exercises

Each and every athlete will perform a therapeutic exercise program designed to stretch tight muscles and soft tissue, mobilize stiff joints, to correct postural faults and specifically strengthen weak muscle groups, promote stability and improve function. Exercise programs will be progressed to include agility, proprioceptive and sport specific activities.

5. Athletic Maintenance Program

Each patient will be educated on exercises or techniques to prevent future pain and re-injury including a warm up and cool down program for their specific sport. The staff will interact directly with the athlete's coach or athletic trainer to ensure a safe return to sport activity.

6. Athletic Taping

Reimplemented at a muscle re-education technique release muscle spasm, support and stabilization. Athletic taping could include: Kinesio taping, McConnell taping, or traditional athletic taping.

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