The Dilemma:

At Excellent Physical Therapy we are very aware of the difficulties encountered by our aging patients, especially in the area of functional independence. Our senior citizens face a serious real life dilemma; many
times they are young in mind and have a zest for life but their physical bodies just won’t cooperate with them. The aging process limits their independence and ability to take care of themselves or their spouse. They often experience a downward spiral that is characterized by a loss of motion, loss of mobility, loss of strength, loss of postural stability, loss of stamina, loss of balance, diminished gait and ambulation, and eventually ever decreasing functional abilities. This aging process leaves the older person with diminished capabilities, poor quality of life and total dependence upon others. Many families experience this situation first hand and it makes life more difficult for all family members. The degenerative cascade described above may also be combined with a host of additional systemic medical problems such as hypertension, heart disease, vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. There are links between the different factors that make a person whole and healthy. With an aging person
those factors might include medical, physical, nutritional, emotional and mental health. At Excellent Physical Therapy, we believe that all of these factors can be influenced in positive way with increased activity, movement and exercise. Being socially active and physically proactive is one way in which some of these degenerative diseases can be limited.

The outward expression of a generally “healthy” status in older people is measured by their functional level of activity. We can all agree that the 80 year old that exercises, walks, drives, shops and has a social life is outwardly more “healthy” than the 80 year old that is confined to a wheel chair, home bound, and dependent upon others.

The Solution:

Excellent Physical Therapy has developed a special program for our geriatric patients to enhance their quality of life; it is called The Gait and Balance Program for Seniors. It is specifically designed for our geriatric patients 65 years and older. We have recruited Physical Therapists with special interests and experience in balance and gait training as it relates to the geriatric patient. Our staff performs an Evaluation and Assessment of the patient’s physical and functional capabilities. From that evaluation we design and implement an individualized therapeutic program for each patient with an end goal of improved walking, balance and functional independence. We will also consider any medical precautions that might limit their progression. Our goals are realistic for each patient and we use a “slow but steady” approach to avoid injury or exhaustion. This is a program designed and performed by a Licensed Physical Therapist for older patients.

If you would like to print a flyer to give to your doctor, friends, family, or organization please click the link below or please call our office directly at 908-234-2488.

Gait and Balance Program for Seniors Program Flyer 

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