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Many of our patients require supports, braces, pillows, and exercise accessories to help them with their home exercise programs or manage their pain or daily activities. If you visit our online store, The Spine Shop, you will see that we have compiled some of our favorite accessories for purchase directly from our website. Please review the items and descriptions below. We will take your order directly and ship to your preferred address.


Tempurpedic Transit Pillow

  • Made of memory foam
  • A smaller version of the Tempur Lumbar support.
  • Provides slightly less support than the standard pillow.
  • Primarily designed as a second, more convenient pillow.
  • Ideal for business meetings, airplanes, trains, autos, theatres,
    restaurants and office chairs.
  • *Our best seller*


Tempurpedic Lumbar Pillow

  • Classic lumbar support with the added benefit of "Tempur" memory foam.
  • Provides excellent postural and lumbar support while configuring itself to your anatomy as your move in your seat.
  • Ideal for the office, desk, auto, living room, and at dinner table.
  • Recommended for lumbar Fusion, all back and neck patients.


Tempurpedic Cervical Pillow

no description currently available




Sole Platinum Sandals

no description currently available


Physio Ball

  • One of our primary exercise options for patients to progress to a home exercise program after discharge from therapy.
  • Great for golfers!
  • Ask our staff about a customized written home exercise program for individual needs.
  • Combines flexibility, strength and core stabilization.

Stretch Out Strap

  • This stretch out strap is an excellent assistive device to help patients maintain the flexibility is required for a healthy back, hips, and knees.
  • It is equipped with many handles for all stretching uses.
  • An illustrated manual for stretching exercise is included

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio® Tex Tape has the ability to:

  • Re-educate the neuromuscular system
  • Reduce pain
  • Enhance performance
  • Prevent injury
  • Promote good circulation and healing
  • Reduce scars

Cho-Pat Brace

  • Designed to stabilize and improve tracking of the patella/knee cap.
  • Reduces patella-femoral compressive forces.
  • Ideal for the very active individual with long-standing patella-femoral pain.
  • Light weight, reduced bulk.

Cervical Roll Sleeping Pillow

  • This cervical pillow is to be used with a standard pillow to provide additional support for the patient with neck pain
  • The long design allows a patient to roll from side to side with continued support while sleeping.
  • A good economic alternative to sleeping with a Tempur-Pedic or Slumber pillow.

Tempurpedic Transit Neck Pillow

  • Made of Tempurpedic memory foam.
  • This pillow is designed to provide additional temporary support for patients with neck pain.
  • Ideal for airplanes, traveling in autos, hotels, theatres, easy chairs and reclined positions.
  • Not recommended as a sleeping pillow.

Mckenzie Roll and Books

  • The classic "McKenzie Lumbar roll."
  • Treat your own neck book.
  • Treat your own back book.


Pro Stretch

no description currently available


Plantar Faciatis Splint

no description currently available


Wedge Pillow

  • This sitting wedge tips the pelvis forward.
  • Enhances the natural lordotic lumbar curve.
  • Relieves low back pain while sitting.

Posture Corrector

no description currently available




  • Pain relieving gel
  • Penetrating, long lasting pain relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints, and back pain.
  • Greaseless - Stainless - Vanishing Scent

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