An overwhelming interest in yoga!  That’s what we learned from our clients in a recent survey. So, to help you improve and maintain your well-being, we’ve expanded the Wellness & Healthy Living Programs with small group yoga classes, as well as private lessons upon request.

Yoga is accessible and adaptable to everybody. It is truly universal, yet serves each individual uniquely.

Yoga unites the practice of asana, or physical poses, with pranayama, controlling the breath. It improves mobility, flexibility, balance, strength, focus, self-awareness, presence, mood and confidence. It can be energizing or calming. Basically, you feel good. 

Yoga complements the physical therapy, rehab and conditioning services we already offer, as well as other forms of exercise, and it can enhance performance in sports.

Meet our Yoga Instructor

Certified yoga instructor, Donna Marie Mascia, Moonshadow Yoga, offers several beginner and gentle-to-moderate classes each week. Donna’s classes are small, intimate and nurturing so you can expect personal attention and hands-on assistance consistent with the Excellent philosophy. She will guide you through learning yoga as a beginner or helping you keep up with your practice. See Donna’s bio here.

She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!

Private Instruction:
  Appointments and rates by request.


Donna Marie Mascia | Moonshadow Yoga | | 908.256.6469

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