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Louis F. DiGiovine PT

Is the founder, owner, administrator, and is still evaluating and treating patients on a daily basis. Lou DiGiovine PT is a clinically talented orthopedic manual therapist with 29 years experience. Lou graduated from the very first class at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in June 1980 giving him the distinction of being one of the first eighteen physical therapists graduating in the State of New Jersey. He continued that “pioneering” spirit when he took his first position as a staff therapist at the busy and reputable Christ Hospital in Jersey City, NJ. Working and training in an urban General Hospital provided him with a strong background in medical and surgical knowledge.  In 1983 he became a co-founder of Hudson Heights Physical Therapy (one of the first few private practices owned by physical therapists in New Jersey).  Through that organization he performed contract-hospital work at St. Mary’s Hospital in Hoboken, Palisades General Hospital in North Bergen, Meadowlands Hospital in Secaucus, Essex County Geriatric Facility in Belleville, The Industrial Medicine Center in Secaucus, Union City Visiting Nurse Association and Christ Hospital  Homecare Agency for more than five years. During those early years he attended many extensive training courses, workshops, seminars, in-services, study groups and conferences throughout the country. Lou learned all of this extensive training to become the best physical therapist that he could be and provide his patients with the best care possible. Throughout his early professional years his primary area of interest and goals was to become an orthopedic manual therapist with a specialty in spine care. In time, Lou became know as a “spine therapist” and as a result received many more referrals from spine care physicians, also helping him to accelerate his knowledge base in the treatment of spinal injuries, conditions and surgeries.

It was through the discovery process of learning spine care and treating many patients that Lou became acutely aware of the relevance and close interrelationship of back and neck problems, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, upper quarter dysfunction, shoulder problems, posture and pain, orthotics, body mechanics, ergonomics and life style management. All of which he has received specific training and education. He has lectured on these topics to study groups, in-services, seminars, physical therapy students, industrial work sites, corporations, athletic organizations, and varied community groups. Throughout the past twenty nine years, Lou has participated in various treatment program and clinics including: sports medicine clinics, amputee clinic, prosthetics and orthotics clinics, arthritis clinics, work hardening, worksite ergonomic assessments, pre-employment screens, and pre-season athletic screenings. During the mid-nineties, he sold his practice in Hudson County, NJ and decided to relocate his practice to Bedminster, NJ where he lives with his family and is an active member of the community. In 1996 Mr. DiGiovine opened Excellent Physical Therapy Back and Neck Care an orthopedic physical therapy private practice dedicated to the treatment of spine care. Within the practice, he developed and implemented administrative and treatment standards of care through policies, procedures and protocols.  The interweaving of professional knowledge and experience with tested business practices is what makes Excellent Physical Therapy a very unique facility where dedication to excellence is evident.

Lou DiGiovine PT continued his training and education through establishing a working relationship with two recognized spine surgeons and performed rounds with the physicians and their patients six hours per week for eight years. This once in a lifetime experience allowed him to gain an understanding of the complete spectrum of spine care treatment including medicine, pain control methods, epidural injections, spinal diagnostics, indications and contraindications of spine surgery, types of surgeries alternative care and spine surgery rehab. Lou is an active participating clinician of the New Jersey Spine Institute, North American Spine Society and The American Physical Therapy Association. He is licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy. He has inspired others to follow his lead and with the addition of experienced and qualified staff over the years he has expanded the scope of Excellent Physical Therapy to include all orthopedic musculo-skeletal conditions including the treatment of knees, shoulders, fractures, joint replacement, pediatric and geriatrics. Although his life work has been physical therapy, his first love has always been baseball. In PT school he once wrote a paper for a kinesiology course called the “Biomechanics of pitching a baseball”.  This was a sign of what was to come in the future. As a result of his love for baseball, Lou has combined his physical therapy knowledge, ten years of baseball coaching experience, and his understanding of sports related injuries and is pursuing a special interest in the prevention and rehab of baseball injuries. Recently, he successfully rehabilitated three young pitchers that underwent “Tommy John Surgery”, a very specialized injury and surgical reconstruction of a pitcher’s elbow. He was once asked by a local healthcare provider how he created the name of Excellent Physical Therapy Back and Neck Care. His response was direct and straightforward, “It is simple, it’s who we are and what we do, our credo, mission statement and quality standards are all in the name for someone to read and understand and I back it with my personal guarantee”. For additional information please see CV below. Click to view CV

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